Selling points


for the Food business

1. No more waiting.

No more waiting for the waiter to take the order, waiting for a drink refill, waiting to pay the bill or simply to ask a question.

No more situations when the server comes over and the guests are not ready to order. Then the server leaves and when guests are ready, the server is not there and clients need to wait again.

2. No more costs and inefficiencies of paper menus.

No Reprint. Digital menu does not require a reprint every time there’s an update or change.

No Shortage. There’s never a physical shortage of digital menus.

No irrelevance. Menu always stays relevant – if the kitchen runs out of an ingredient, simply delist the dish or ingredient. If there’s a price-change – update it right away.

Internationalisation. Customers see the menu in their language of choice. Again, no need to maintain an international english version.

Search. Customers no longer miss a dish that they are looking for, or select the one, which they are allergic to or that takes to long to cook.

3. No additional hardware.

There’s no hardware to order, install or maintain.

UMA App Digital Menu
Full Menu. Ideal for those who want to browse the whole selection of dishes

4. No order mistakes.

The old way is for the waiter to take the order, put it into the pos, then it has to go to the kitchen. Order mistakes can happen at every step. Uma App helps cut out the middle man.

5. Reduced time at the POS terminal.

Ideally no manual input is needed, since the order is already punched into the system by the customer and appears on a KDS.

While not all POS systems are supported at the time, we continue to add more. Please reach out to enquire about the POS you have.

Uma App Dish Filters
Quick filters, which can be applied to narrow search and make a faster order
Configure your dish on Uma App
Order customisation.

6. Easy to split the bill.

Customers can pay for their own food at any time, whenever they want. It is also seamlessly possible for some members of the party to pay and leave the table and for the rest to stay longer and order more, without need to worry about payment for those who have already left.

Uplifting usage stats

Customers using digital menu have reported:

60% reduction in front of house labor costs

10% improvement in table turn times

12% increases in average check size

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