Universal Meal Assistant

Mobile app menu for any food business 
Tracks calories, nutrients & vitamins 
Helps avoid allergens

No Commission solution for every
food business


Mobile app menu

No POS required! Menu is easy to maintain and use. Updates published instantly. Clients can browse and log orders from their smart phone. No order commission!


Easy on-boarding

No need to build your own. Register an account. Publish your menu and you are ready to go. Onboard your business now!


Built-in Allergen alert

Millions of people have food allergies. Uma App makes it easy to avoid harmful ingredients. Lowers risk to customers’ health and restaurant’s reputation.


Stats & Insights

Restaurants know what people eat and what’s popular. People get to track calories, allergens, nutritions and vitamins. All done automatically.

Mobile app menu for every food business

Do away with old paper menus

Mobile app menu for all

Every food business with a menu should sign up for UMA App. It’s that simple. Restaurants, hotels, foodtrucks, cafes, coffee shops, you name it.


No need to print and re-print the menu every time there’s a change. The menu is digital and online.


Real-time availability. Your menu is always relevant. The moment dish becomes unavailable for the day, just mark it as such.


Tracking and statistics included.

Effortless tracking for

Allergens, Nutrients, Vitamins & Calories

UMA App breaks down every order to a fundamental level. The app tracks allergens, nutrients, vitamins & calories.

No user input

There is no need to input any data manually. All nutritional information  and allergens are recorded automatically with every order.

Detailed breakdown

UMA App shows ingredients, allergens, calories, fats, carbs & proteins.

Statistics and insights

Detailed tracking of foods you consume. This information can be used to detect harmful ingredients.

Nutrients and allergens tracker

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