What is UMA?

Digital Menu for every food business

One of the fundamental purposes of UMA App is to provide digital menu experience.

Very simple. Instead of a paper menu, people use a digital one, directly from their smartphone.

Every food business can use UMA App, hotel, restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop or a food truck.

  • No commission on orders
  • No POS required
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Fixed monthly price of $15.99/mo for basic version

Check out the main selling points and benefits Uma App can bring.

Onboard your business
Digital menu for any restaurant
Allergen alerter and monitor

Allergens Alerter

UMA App indicates when meal contains allergens.

Users may also select to exclude all foods which contain a certain allergen.

While millions of people know their food allergies, millions more are still unaware they do.

Identifying an allergy and eliminating the tigers clears skin, lightens mood improves health and overall quality of life.

Automatic Nutrition and Vitamins Tracker

Uma App tracks all nutrients one consumes.

There’s no need to input anything manually. All is done automatically.

Automatic nutrition and vitamins tracker
QR code scanner

One App for every place

Users get to use one app across multiple venues.

Install and forget. Gets easier with every new place.

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