UMA: Top App for Tracking Food Allergy in 2023

December 28, 2023
uma app for tracking food allergy

Living with food allergies just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the power of technology. In the article exploring 5 best food allergy mobile apps, the UMA app emerged as a promising addition to the digital arsenal aiding those navigating the complex terrain of food sensitivities.

About the UMA App

UMA, short for “Universal Meal Assistant,” is not just an app. UMA has the potential to revolutionize the dining experience for individuals with allergies and dietary preferences.

Developed by IT Creative Labs for both iOS and Android, UMA is currently in an active development phase, but its features are already making waves.

One standout feature of the UMA app is its UMA Scan. This function allows users to scan menus (and not only menus, but even product labels or restaurant signs) and translate them into any language worldwide. This built-in component is an essential assistant for individuals traveling or exploring diverse culinary experiences.

UMA doesn’t stop there. 

Users can also check for food allergens and intolerances, find local restaurants, and even order food (the restaurant list is planning to expand). The app allows users to select from a wide list of food allergens, such as peanuts, eggs, milk, berries, gluten, bee products, and more.

Within UMA, users can search for dishes by name and discover nearby restaurants. Each restaurant profile offers comprehensive information about menu items, including descriptions, ingredients, nutritional value, and pricing, as well as contact details.

Join the UMA Partnership

Establishments from around the world, spanning restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or hotels, have the opportunity to partner with the UMA app, providing valuable information to diners with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Contact us to get more information.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner interested in joining forces with UMA or an individual passionate about spreading the word, the app encourages collaboration. If you’re a fan of the idea of having an app like UMA in your favorite dining places, consider becoming an UMA Ambassador and help amplify its impact.


In a world where managing food allergies and dietary preferences is becoming increasingly convenient, UMA stands out as a beacon of hope, offering not just functionality but also embodying the spirit of community and support. The UMA app is your companion in the journey toward healthier, happier, and more informed eating.

Ready to make UMA an assistant in managing eating habits? Download the app for iOS and Android devices today!

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