Meet Uma!

Meet UMA – your ultimate menu assistant who is here to evolutionize the restaurant business as we know it. UMA was created out of a need, a gap and an opportunity.

The Need

  1. 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 15 children in the United States have food allergies, which are not curable.
  2. 77% of Americans say sustainability factors into food purchasing
  3. The gig economy has doubled in the past few years predicted to reach half a billion people next year

The Gap

Try to open any restaurant or food ordering app and look at your profile settings. Shocking, isn’t it? The only information the restaurants gather about you is your name, email/phone and credit card, of course. You are pretty much a ghost customer to them so you are treated as such.

The Opportunity

As a customer you or any of your family members most likely fall into at least one of the categories of folks with food allergies or intolerances, health-caution eaters ( let’s face it, everyone is trying to eat healthier now), or who’s native language is not English.

As a restaurateur this is your opportunity to not only serve your customers better by getting to know them but also expanding your clientele tenfold.

By now THE PROBLEM UMA is solving is pretty clear:

UMA solves the problem of users not being able to dine-in or take-out due to their food allergies, dietary restrictions & choices, language barriers and other personal preferences AND it solves the problem of restaurants not knowing who their customers really are, incurring high transaction fees and not having direct communication line with customers.

Now let’s take a closer look at The SOLUTION:

UMA app takes into account consumers allergies, intolerances, preferences and calories intake

  • Allows to easily search for restaurants & dishes based on those preferences
  • Review nutrition information of the dishes
  • Translates the menu into necessary language
  • Using AI and ML provides dining plan recommendations for the customer

The application enables restaurants to:

  • Analyze customer data and ultimately serve their clients better
  • Develop and grow loyal clientelle
  • Communicate directly with the client
  • Benefit from cost savings (UMA doesn’t take transaction fees)
  • and our AI-Powered proprietary algorithm also creates recommendations for the restaurants in terms of the menu items to serve


Powered by AI and ML, UMA disrupts the traditional way of serving consumers and shifts the narrative from restaurant-centered to customer-focused holistic approach, while driving more revenue for the restaurants.

So come join us on this global revolutionary evolution of dining!

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